Retire With Pride

Every day for an entire career, you wake up in the morning, ready yourself in the mirror, and dive headlong into the fray. You work extra hours, miss a family event or two, show up on those days when you are under the weather, and opt for the more frugal vacation package - all so you can diligently build that nest egg. Over the years, you learn and plan for how to get to retirement, but no one ever teaches you how to get through retirement.

You already earned your wage and forged your life, and now it's time to leverage the power of your own wise choices to enjoy your retirement with the independence and dignity you deserve. Your Financial Planning Professionals at Lionheart Wealth Management recognize your lifetime of accomplishments, and they are dedicated to ensuring that you're rewarded for them rather than allowing them to be overshadowed by the looming costs of aging in America.

At Lionheart Wealth Management, we want to put you into a position of envy. We want colleagues and acquaintances to approach you at parties and over dinner, unsubtly prying for information about how you can afford the retirement lifestyle you lead. We want your in-laws to come to you for advice about how you were and are able to so generously provide for your children. We want you to tell them with pride about the shrewd financial decisions you made with the help of Lionheart Wealth Management.

We want to help you take the helm of your own future. We are committed to offering you the opportunity to understand and manage your own assets at the level and degree that you desire. Through cooperative, informative discussion and analysis, your Financial Professionals will ensure that you have more than enough resources to build a formidable knowledge base for participating at your most comfortable level. Only after your advisor has a thorough understanding of your situation, your goals, and your comfortable level of control will the two of you launch a precise and intentional campaign to optimize your retirement plan.

Your retirement planners and advisors will be able to offer advice on:

  • Claiming Social Security benefits at the best time for you and/or your partner.
  • What pension distribution choices are right for you.
  • Determining how much income you may receive in retirement.
  • Creating withdrawal and/or distribution strategies with tax-efficient results.
  • Maximizing income for your preferred lifestyle goals.
  • How much guaranteed income you might need besides from Social Security.
  • The timing of dealing with debt pre-retirement or post-retirement (ie. When to pay off your mortgage)
  • Potential company plan rollovers and where you should keep your money.
  • How can you rearrange investments to reduce taxation income in retirement.
  • If you need Long-Term Care Insurance.
  • Whether you should keep your life insurance policies or if refinacing opportunities are available.
  • Managing unique risks in retirement, like inflation, market corrections, and so on.

Your Finacial Professionals at Lionheart are also well versed in structuring your financial means to meet your future goals regardless of your current station in life. They possess specialized, current knowledge on how to effectively combine and manage your existing assets through a number of specialized tools and options.

Explore the opportunities and alternatives that Lionheart Wealth Management has to offer. Peruse the site and contact our agents. Today is the day for you to take control of your financial future, and the smart money does it with a touch of experience.